Don't get left behind by the legacy real estate market

It's time for a change. Rising down payments, inflexible terms, and soaring property prices are locking all but the wealthy out from building wealth with real estate. Lofty helps anyone lay a path to financial freedom with fractional real estate investing.

Start investing in Lofty properties

Buy fractional ownership in properties across America.

Automatically receive rental income

You’ll get your first rent payment that same day, and daily after that. Your holdings will grow along with the property value, too.

Build the future you deserve

Use your rental income to buy more and more real estate and voilà – you’re on the path to financial freedom.

Invest in fractions of rental properties across America

All without leaving your living room. No experience, connections, or down payments required.

902 Karlann Dr

Black Hawk, CO 80422


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33008 Joshua Ave

Acton, CA 93510


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1821 Donetto Dr

Leander, TX 78641


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You don’t have to be a pro to invest like one

Get instant access to great property deals, in-depth analysis, and a community of wealth builders from around the world.

Skip the down payment

Acquire fractional ownership of rental properties.

Earn rent today, appreciation tomorrow

Get daily rent payouts (not monthly or quarterly) and collect property appreciation when you cash out.

Own multiple properties without the landlord headaches

Diversify your portfolio without multiplying your workload. Vote on key property decisions, and professional property managers handle the rest.

Keep full control of your investments

Forget expensive brokers and lock-in periods. Easily reinvest your rental income for the long term, or list your holdings for sale whenever you like.

Everyone deserves to own something real

Learn from our community building wealth for themselves and their families.

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