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How the Lofty Marketplace Works
How the Lofty Marketplace Works

Property owners sell portions of their properties to investors on our marketplace

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Lofty is not a fund. We do not purchase properties, flip them, and then sell them on our website.

Instead, we are a marketplace like Airbnb, eBay, or Amazon.

We allow property owners to easily sell a portion of their property's equity on our marketplace to investors.

The process is simple:

  1. A property owner submits their property to be listed on the Lofty marketplace.

  2. An inspection and appraisal is conducted on the property by third party service providers.

  3. A background check and credit check is conducted on the property owner.

  4. The property owner transfers their property's deed to a Wyoming LLC using a Quitclaim or Warranty deed. All properties on Lofty are owned by individual Wyoming LLCs.

  5. A property page is created for the property on our marketplace, and the property owner can begin selling their equity to investors right away. When investors purchase equity, they are purchasing direct ownership in the LLC that owns the property, alongside the original owner.

Learn more about the process to sell equity in your property on Lofty here.

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