How to invest in new property listings

Purchasing property tokens in new real estate listings takes less than 5 minutes

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Purchasing property tokens in a new real estate listing in the Lofty marketplace takes less than 5 minutes.

You can use USD (Credit /Debit Card, ACH) and cryptocurrency to invest in new property launches on Lofty.

To start, head over to the Lofty Marketplace.

From here, click on New on the right side of your screen.

You are now viewing all New property launches on Lofty. You can then filter these properties by:

  • Location

  • Property type

  • Cash on Cash return

  • Projected IRR

Once you identify a property you're interested in learning more about, click the property card to view more information.

Let's use 110 Gardengate Drive

After clicking on the property card, you can view pictures and conduct due diligence on the property by clicking on the different tabs, which include:

  • Details

  • Financials

  • Documents

  • Buying Process

  • Market

Make an investment

Once you have conducted due diligence on a property and want to move forward with an investment, click the purple Buy button to get started.

You will then be taken to the Buy Order Payment page where you can select the token quantity and your payment method.

By default, the token quantity selected will be 10 tokens. You can adjust the number of tokens being purchased by clicking the "Custom" button. This will allow you to input a custom quantity in the field below.

Once you've chosen the number of tokens you'd like to purchase, you can select or link your payment method. Any previously used payment methods (USD or crypto) will be selectable in the "Payment Method" section.

You can also add a new payment method by clicking into the Payment Method section and clicking the "Add Payment Method" button located on the top right corner.

You will also have the option to apply your rental income or gift certificate balance to the transaction during the checkout process. You can do this by clicking the "Add rent balance" button, located in the bottom right corner.

You can then apply any portion of your rental income or gift certificate balance towards your purchase.

After your Buy Order has been set up, click on the "Preview Order" button located in the bottom right corner.

This will bring you to the final checkout screen. If your Buy Order details are correct, you can complete the transaction by clicking "Submit Order".

After your Buy Order is successfully submitted, you will see the following confirmation screen. Your Lofty tokens will be transferred to your wallet after the transaction is fully settled.

Lofty Tokens in new property listings can be purchased via the payment methods below:

  • Credit or Debit card

    • Fees

      • Domestic: 2.9% of transaction value + $0.30 fee per transaction

      • International: 3.9% of transaction value + $0.30 fee per transaction

    • Settlement: instant

  • Bank transfer (ACH)

    • Only supported for U.S. banks

    • Fee: 0.8% of transaction value ($5 cap)

    • Settlement

      • 3-5 business days

      • Property tokens are transferred after settlement. Learn more here.

  • Wire transfer

    • Fees: varies by bank, paid directly to your bank

    • Settlement: 1 business day

    • Wire transfer is only supported for transactions above $50,000 USD. If you would like to make a wire transfer to purchase tokens, please contact us at [email protected]

  • Cryptocurrency

    • Fee: under $0.01 (network transaction fee)

    • Options

      • USDCa

      • ALGO

      • More coming soon...

    • Settlement: instant

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