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Lofty AI is not just another property research tool
We leverage artificial intelligence to make the most accurate real estate predictions in the world. We operate in 30 different markets and have thousands of A.I. vetted properties on our platform.

Lofty AI shows you undervalued properties primed for rapid appreciation and higher cash flow. Our results speak for themselves. If you had bought one of our A.I.'s suggested properties a year ago, you would have made over 22x higher returns on appreciation alone compared to if you bought a property not suggested by our A.I.

Lofty AI is so accurate, robust and intelligent - you'll feel like you're gaming the system.

How It Works

Lofty AI finds properties primed for rapid appreciation.
Gather data
We take data from over 50 leading indicators.
Analyze data
We then clean and analyze the data and use feature engineering to create additional insights.
Make predictions
Lastly, we pass all this data through our neural networks to make accurate predictions.
“AI should be leveraged by real estate agents and property flippers to study markets and discover areas that are undervalued today, but have the initial factors unfolding that could drive price appreciation over the next few years. is providing access to this opportunity.”
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Fort Lauderdale
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York
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San Francisco
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Saint Louis
Washington D.C.
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