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How to Buy a Rental Property with Lofty AI

May 11, 2020
Buying a Property

(This advanced blog summarizes real estate investing tips and insights Lofty AI has acquired from working with thousands of investors and institutional funds.)

Why we started Lofty AI

Before starting Lofty AI, I spoke with hundreds of full-time and part-time real estate investors. After chatting with them, I discovered a major issue faced by each and every one of them.

They were all spending 10+ hours a week leafing through property listings on Zillow and Redfin.

They were also digging for information on real estate investing news sites, real estate investing blogs, and different types of real estate investing software.

This data overload and lack of direction and relevant information caused many would-be investors to become overwhelmed. This resulted in them giving up early and miss out on passive income and property appreciation for life.

The biggest issue with real estate investing platforms like Zillow and Redfin is that they were not built for real estate investors. They were made specifically for home buyers and home sellers.

It's not that complicated. Every single real estate investor, whether beginners or more experience investors, are only interested in a few things:

  • Properties that are positively cash flowing
  • Properties primed for rapid appreciation
  • Getting a good deal on an undervalued property from a motivated seller
  • Not wasting time searching for properties

This is why we built Lofty AI in the first place.

Lofty AI cuts through the noise and shows you the exact properties you should buy to make the highest returns possible, in seconds.

Lofty AI product helping people buy properties online in Oakland, California
Lofty AI product in Oakland, California

How to be a property investor with Lofty AI

Lofty AI is an app that identifies cash flowing, undervalued properties primed for rapid appreciation. We have properties in over 30 markets making real estate investing out of state extremely simple.

Our real estate machine learning platform is able to do this better than any other platform out there. This is because we leverage alternative data that’s updated every single day and granular at the block level.

By contrast, other data providers use yearly data or quarterly reports that are granular at the city level.

How it works:

  • Our models ingest data from over 50 leading indicators.
  • Our A.I. learns which data contributes to rapid neighborhood appreciation and higher cash flow.
  • We then pinpoint which neighborhoods are primed for rapid appreciation and higher cash flow.
  • Our models then identify available listings within these trending neighborhoods.
  • Of these listings, our proprietary valuation algorithm determines which listings are the most undervalued.
We will only show you properties that are both undervalued and within a very close proximity to a micro-neighborhood that’s primed for rapid appreciation.

This is the rental property investment strategy everyone should be using regardless of whether you're a Lofty AI user or not. We just make the process 100X faster and much more efficient.

Our real-time data allows you to invest in over 30 markets without having to acquire any local knowledge whatsoever. That's the biggest advantage of real estate investing with Lofty AI.

Automated. Local. Knowledge.

Own fractions of our A.I. vetted properties

At Lofty AI, we let you purchase fractions of our A.I. vetted properties for just $50.

It takes only 5 minutes to become an owner of a cash flowing, rapidly appreciating property.

To view our current offering, just click the button below.

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