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May 25, 2020
Buying a Property

(This advanced blog summarizes real estate investing tips and insights Lofty AI has acquired from working with thousands of investors and institutional funds.)

What is Lofty AI?

Lofty AI is a real estate data science platform. 

We use artificial intelligence to show you cash flowing properties primed for rapid appreciation.

It was specifically designed for data-driven real estate investors who want an edge.

We do that by providing you with: Automated local knowledge.

Automated local knowledge lets you instantly know the ins and outs of every neighborhood, without actually having to be there.

Otherwise known as "the holy grail of real estate investing"
Artificial intelligence brain

Have you ever talked to an investor who only invests in one specific city, and has been doing so for some time?

Chances are they know all the little details about their home town. This includes which blocks are up-and-coming, the most popular bars which side streets are the quickest during rush hour, and so much more.

Knowing these data points is only helpful when you're looking for the best properties in that particular market.

But, what if that particular market is actually a horrible place to invest? Before Lofty AI, you would have to move to a new area and spend years relearning everything from scratch.

This is the biggest advantage of real estate investing with Lofty AI. We're able to automate local knowledge by leveraging real-time, idiosyncratic social data.

It's as if we have millions of boots-on-the-ground analysts walking around every single neighborhood in the US 24/7. Each analyst is picking up on the nuances and social cues that someone living there would notice.

The kicker is, of course, we don't actually have to be there.

How to use Lofty AI's app for real estate investors

Lofty AI real estate invest app in Oakland, California
Lofty AI real estate investment app

Lofty AI's web app for real estate investors is very simple to use.

It starts out with the heat-map.

To form our heat-map, we use deep learning and over 50 leading indicators to showcase neighborhoods that are primed for rapid appreciation.

A few of these leading indicators include:

  • High speed internet usage
  • Types of jobs in the area
  • Certain types of dog breeds
  • Instagram influencer trend patterns
  • Much more

The properties (pink dots) you see above have all been vetted by our A.I.

Our models have determined they will see significantly higher returns in the future than any other properties.

In fact, properties chosen by our A.I. appreciated over 22X more than the market average in just this past year. It's simply the most accurate, best real estate investing data out there.

Once you find a property you're interested in, simply click on the image of the property. That will take you to our custom property page.

Once you're inside the property page, you can determine if the numbers add up via our ROI calculator (pictured below). You can also connect with an agent directly within our real estate investment app. It's that simple to become a rental property owner with Lofty AI.

You can calculate the following ROI metrics automatically based on your preferences:

Lofty AI ROI calculator for cash on cash return, cap rate, and cash flow
Lofty AI ROI calculator

How our A.I. works

  • Our models ingest data from over 50 leading indicators.
  • Our A.I. learns which data contributes to rapid neighborhood appreciation and higher cash flow.
  • We then pinpoint which neighborhoods are primed for rapid appreciation and higher cash flow.
  • Our models then identify available listings within these trending neighborhoods.
  • Of these listings, our proprietary valuation algorithm determines which listings are the most undervalued.
We will only show properties that are both undervalued and within a very close proximity to a micro-neighborhood that’s primed for rapid appreciation.

This is the rental property investment strategy everyone should have regardless of whether you're a Lofty AI user or not. We simply make the process 100X faster and more efficient.

Our real-time data gives you the ability to invest in over 30 markets without having to acquire any local knowledge whatsoever. That's the key.

Automated. Local. Knowledge.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can request a free demo of our real estate investing platform by clicking the button below.

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